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Sunday, August 14, 2011

new blog


Now that I'm a married woman the SSS blog doesn't seem very fitting. I haven't been wanting to have a tumblr blog for quite some time and figured this was the best time to change. You can visit my new blog at http://lifeofmrsa.tumblr.com/. I will start my updates and blogging there going forward!

PS - We haven't got the photos back from the photographer yet, but on my Facebook there are some photos from friends and family's cameras if you want to take a sneak peak!
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Tim McGraw

Last weekend Tim Surprised me with tickets to see Tim McGraw at USANA!!! It was a great surprise and an awesome concert. The Band Perry and Luke Bryan opened and both did a great job.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Day - My Story

June 10, 2011 was the best day of my life so far. We got engaged last May (5-1-2010 to be exact) and had just over a year of planning. Yes, we got married on a Friday just like Prince William and Kate; ours was a wedding not to be missed! I have always been one to know exactly what I want, quick on decisions (when it comes to spending money, but never on dinner choices, haha). I have a more classical taste so I wanted the wedding to represent both Tim and I with a classic spin.

We chose Millcreek Inn for the ceremony and the reception, and it was absolutely perfect. I wanted to have a more intimate ceremony and so we did family and close friends at the ceremony with a plated three course meal following. We had 80 people at the ceremony and then invited about 125 more people to the reception which included gourmet sliders, salad, and fruit for the reception guests. The bar opened up after the ceremony while we did pictures and we served beer and wine. Our colors were pink and orange (watermelon and tangerine to be exact), and these happen to be Tim and I's favorite colors. We had 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen, and we also wrote our own vows. We kept our ceremony short and sweet; it was outdoors, and the weather was perfect. Our cake was from Carrie's Cakes and it was a 4 tier, round cake with fresh flowers in between each tier, with a pair of love birds on top. Our flavors were almond and raspberry swirl, alternating in each tier - it was absolutely delicious. My dress was a Sophia Tolli and it was the most perfect dress. It's true when they say you "just know its the one." Don Woodbury was our DJ and he was awesome! Jesse Erasmus was our photographer and he couldn't have been better - he did a great job blending in and (hopefully) catching every moment. Our wedding coordinator at Millcreek did a great job keeping everyone on queue and making sure the whole evening ran smoothly. We danced all night and everyone had a wonderful time down to our send off out the front doors with our family and friends lining the sidewalk cheering us on!

Those are the light details. A quick overview to say the least. Now I want to share more details, my memories, and last but not least, my vows to Tim. Just five days before the wedding I was in Las Vegas at the JCK jewelry show. I came home and Tim was finishing a few last minute details. His parents had a dinner at their house the night before for their out of town guests and then the next day we were both up getting ready for the wedding. My dad took Tim golfing the day of the wedding; I woke up full of nerves! I went for a run with Bruce, then called my mom to help calm me down. I was nervous to share my vows. Anyone who knows me knows that I am emotional - I cry, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I didn't want to cry during my vows in front of everyone. Tim and I agreed I could go first to help me, but I was still so nervous. Around noon my girlfriends, Mom, and sister came over to have a light lunch, enjoy some champagne, and get ready. Kara, who happened to be one of my bridesmaids as well, did my hair and make up and helped with some of the girls too. We looked amazing!!

Around 3:30 we were on our way up to Millcreek Inn to get changed and have the wedding party (minus me) run thru a quick rehearsal. I drove up with my Mom, Dad, and Nicki. I love my family - they are the best! We got to park in the "secret drive" in the back of Millcreek Inn and went straight to the bride's room. I didn't want to see Tim before the wedding. He hadn't seen my dress and I wanted to keep that element of surprise. We had a bottle of champagne, fruit, and cheese in the bride's room waiting; the boys had some beers. My dress had a lace up back and my sister and Mom helped tie me up and get me in. Kasi, Katie, Brittany, Kara, and Britt's mom helped get the centerpieces put out, the fresh flowers on the cake, and get the placecards out for the dinner guests. I was ready, the girls were dressed (pink strapless, knee length gowns), the boys were dressed (black tuxedos with silver vests and ties), and it was time for a run thru of the ceremony. I had to stay in the bride's room while everyone else was out rehearsing. I peaked thru some of the windows and had a visit from my friend Josh. The next thing I knew the wedding coordinator was back telling me that it was 5:30 and all guests had arrived and she was waiting for me to give the go ahead to start. All the girls grabbed their bouquets (my mom picked out the flowers and they were beautiful pink lily bouquets for the girls and my bouquet was pink, orange, and yellow lilies with roses and tulips) and my dad was back to walk me down the aisle - he looked so handsome in his tuxedo. The procession music had started, Canon in D by Pachelbel. First I saw Tim and Charlene (the minister and Avery family cousin) walk down the stone path, thru the first gazebo and stopping at the final gazebo waiting. Tim looked very handsome in his black tuxedo and orange vest. Then Nick walked my mom down the aisle and they looked great all dressed up. Next all the bridesmaids and groomsmen went in pairs and finally it was time for me and Dad. I was so nervous!! I stepped out, holding on to my dad, and the wedding coordinator pulled my dress out and then directed us on our way. Time went so slow, but we came down the path and I could see everyone. Sargent family on my left, Avery's on my right. My dad passed my hand off to Tim and we were there - finally getting married. Our ceremony was short and sweet. I had a beautiful view of a canyon and just held on to Tim's hands. I held it together pretty well until it came time to share vows. I started to tear up and had to wait a minute for the tears to pass and then I made it thru them without crying. Here they are...

"Tim, when I first met you six years ago, I didn’t think I would ever be watching birds, but I knew I had made a friend for life. I realized I loved you when every day was made better just by having you in my life. I promise to love you, be your partner in crime, and I promise to grow old with you. I look forward to our many adventures, and I promise to laugh every day. Even when the going gets tough I promise to support you, stand by your side, and give you my unconditional love. Today I am not only marrying my best friend, I am marrying my soul mate."

Tim shared his vows, they were beautiful - he got choked up in the middle - and it was special, because you knew it came straight from the heart. Rings were exchanged and then before we knew it, we were man and wife and the kiss the bride part was happening. Then the recession started and we had the DJ playing "I'm a Believer" by Smashmouth (from Shrek) as we walked back down the aisle (more of a jog, skip, whatever you want to call it) to start the party!

The bar opened up and we did photos with family and bridal party. Next, dinner was served. I had a NY steak and it was delicious! We started off dinner with toasts. The only problem was Millcreek Inn getting the champagne and sparking cider to the right guests! My dad gave a great toast - and of course incorporated the Green Bay Packers - I love my dad. Brittany gave a great toast and so did Matt and Tim's dad.

After dinner it was all a blur. The reception started at 7:30, and Tim and I were making our ways to each table to visit our family, friends, and everyone else that came. It was such a happy day!! Around 8:45 we cut the cake and just before the cake cutting we engraved our Lovelocks lock. Lovelocks is a charity for autistic children, and the idea behind the love lock is to engrave it, lock away your everlasting love, and throw away the key. Currently, our lovelock is not locked, but we are going back up for a lovelock dinner at Millcreek Inn when we will close the clock and "toss the key". Back to cake. Tim and I cut the cake, my mom brought up a nice silver cutter. We didn't smash cake - I think my dad was disappointed, ha ha, but I didn't want cake in my hair.

Right after cake cutting we had our first dance. The sun was just setting, the twinkle lights in the trees were just coming on, and the setting was perfect. We danced to "Divide Me" by Kalai. The song was absolutely perfect for the day and for me and Tim. Then came the Daddy/Daughter dance - we chose "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. I cried. I love my dad so much and he has always been such a great constant and such a wonderful influence on my life. The song felt like it was the longest song, but I loved every moment being with my dad. After Tim danced with his Mom to "Perfect Fan" by Backstreet Boys - yes I picked this song. Once we got those three songs out of the way the rest of the party started and it was dancing all night long!! Tim had created a 45 min slide show of photos from our each one of our life's from babies to now, and it was playing inside Millcreek. Cake was cut and everyone was socializing, eating cake, or dancing. All my family and friends, and Tim's friends were dancing. My dad and mom were dancing fools - and my dad threw his coat and jacket off and was quite the hit. I had never been to a wedding where so many people danced and danced for so long - it was the best time and I couldn't have been happier. Even the DJ came over and said that this was one of the most fun weddings he had done in a long time. Ripple caught the bouquet - in fact she fought for the bouquet, and my cousin, Alex, caught the garter.

As the evening came to an end, the groom's men put the gifts in Tim's car and then everyone gathered out front for our send off. We ran down with everyone cheering and jumped in the car and headed down the canyon. We had perfect weather the whole day. Sun shining, no rain (given the crazy spring Utah had this year) and everything was green and in bloom. As we drove down the canyon, it started to sprinkle. Truly, a great end to the perfect day. Everything went as perfect as can be and was the best day! I can't imagine having a better wedding. Many friends and family told me and Tim and my parents that it was the best wedding they had been to in a long time.

I had a great day and to share a little secret - I absolutely LOVED my dress. I was so sad to take the dress off at the end of the night, but wedding dresses are a one day thing anyways :).

Here’s to everlasting love and my life as a newlywed!!! Cheers!

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Friday, July 1, 2011


Well....getting ready to change my name. I have all the necessary paperwork but now its time to go and wait in the lines to make it official. I will be Samantha Scott Avery. I am sad to change my name, but excited for the next chapter in life. SSS...soon to officially be SSA, ass backwards.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Honeymoon - Costa Rica

Tim and I spent 10 days in Costa Rica. We spend the first half of our honeymoon at a resort (Timarai Bamboo Resort) on the beach staying in our own two-story villa. We had our own black sand beach and it was absolutely perfect. We spent lots of time at the beach, in the pool, visited Manuel Antonio Natl Park (saw some monkeys and sloths), visit Tarcoles Bridge and saw about 30 crocodiles, took a mangrove boat tour, found the best taco bar, and did a lot of shopping to name a few things!

The second half of our honeymoon we stayed at a villa in the jungle with an ocean view villa (Oxygen Jungle Villas) that was Balinese style. Our whole Villa had glass walls with bamboo blinds. It was very cool and absolutely perfect! The pool was an infinity pool that overlooked the Pacific Ocean and we also had our own private jungle hike to a river. This place was truly a peaceful/perfect resort.

We drove the Pan-America Highway and hiked in the rainforest. It was an amazing experience. We also went thru a few cloud forests and saw a lot of the beautiful country. The last night we went to a lodge by the Poas Volcano. The lodge was run by 2 South African guys and the food was amazing and the view was phenomenal. We spend the last day hiking to the Poas Volcano, visiting the Doka Estate (coffee plantation - delicious), and touring the La Paz Waterfall Garden.

The entire honeymoon was perfect and so much fun! We had great weather, got great tans, and enjoyed everything there was to enjoy about a honeymoon!
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